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I love it when things are new and exciting – who doesn’t? Don’t get me wrong, I love it when things are comforting and familiar as well. But these days, particularly this week, it’s all about the “new.”

I’m sitting in my new house. That’s right, you heard correctly, we bought a house. It’s daunting to think about all the responsibilities that come with homeownership. What? we take care of our own yard, can jump up and down on the second floor, and have to remember to put the trash out on the correct day? Just a side note, I did jump up and down on the main floor our first night here. Such a delicious and satisfying act when you remember that you have no neighbors living below you anymore. The day we signed for the house, we went to the home improvement store and wandered the isles in a dreamy stupor. And walked out with paint samples. Then we realized that we don’t have enough furniture to fill this house. I don’t see that as a bad thing, but I realize I should address the issue, and soon, as my guests will probably want some place other than the floor to sit. Needy people, those guests. We discovered that tulips grow in the front yard. I found a lone daffodil in the backyard, cut it, and gleefully brought it inside to brighten the extremely disorganized kitchen. If you know anything about me, you know I’m in organizational hell right about now. But it is slowly getting better as Husband and I put things away and think about what we want and where we want it. Or find that we need to rethink it altogether.

We had a tremendous crew of helpers last Sunday moving us into the house – hats off to you ‘gents for all the heavy lifting! I mostly held the door open and pointed for things to go here or there. Cleaning the old apartment took up most of the evenings this week. I’m sick of fast food. Which is why I turned to this amazing recipe for dinner. Bonus: the Pinot Grigio ingredient and a wedge of brie that I picked up at the store this morning (way too early, in my opinion, to be up and running around town before noon on a Saturday, but the house needed things, and if there’s anything that I hate more than getting up early on a Saturday morning it’s shopping when the crowds are out. I might have also gone out to get more paint samples).

Also, garage door openers (and the garages that go with them) are the bomb.


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