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Wedding Pictures

Wedding pictures have been on my “to-do” list for a while now. I have all of the official ones, of course, available to view here (photographed by the lovely and talented Allison Dawson – she also took our engagement pictures). But recently, I found never-before seen photos of our engagement party as well as the “crafting” day, and the wedding (thanks to Erin for graciously agreeing to shoot some pics with my camera during the wedding!).

Engagement Party Prep! Trying to set out some flowers before the party (a combined Minnesota Engagement Party and Thanksgiving Holiday week).

More engagement party fun

Floral arranging day! I loved the simplicity of using only white roses for the wedding. The ladies and I spent the morning before the wedding watching how-to videos while creating wedding flowers (that’s about the extent of my DIY crafting).

Putting together the wedding playlist. Literally, we spent the night before the wedding making a rockin’ playlist for the reception. It was a grand night.

Brittany, Maria, and Dress (which nearly ate them, as you can see).

Goin’ to the Chapel

Pre-ceremony pictures

Pre-ceremony pictures with Dad and rocking my awesome wedding shoes

The shoe swap. I wore black shoes for the wedding, but, being December 31st, I switched to a comfy pair of brown wedge boots (seen in photos) for travel between the ceremony and reception sites. Here, Maria is helping me change shoes (rather, Maria is changing shoes for me because I was prevented from bending over due to the large nature of the Dress).


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Finally, life on the blog!

Happy Saturday!

I started this blog with the intention of semi-frequent posts to document life and the first year of being married. Regular semi-frequent posts? Utter fail. Not to be discouraged! Summer went by in a quick whirlwind of travel, work, and good times and I’m heading into a no-so-hectic autumn (fingers crossed). September in the West still feels like summer – I woke up this morning to hear strange sounds outside the window and lo and behold, there was a hot air balloon drifting by the apartment in all its full glory, then another, and another! I could barely make them out through the trees as they headed over the lake outside, so no pictures. But what a cool thing to see on a lovely, lazy Saturday morning.

So! The summer in review…learning to wake board at Lucky Peak; hitting up Seattle with not only one but two Saga-friends and my sister-in-law; Oregon coast weekend; biking the Hiawatha Trail in northern Idaho; the lake; a week-long business trip to Guelph, Canada; and many more adventures. August was certainly a month for travel – photos to come soon!

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