I love it when things are new and exciting – who doesn’t? Don’t get me wrong, I love it when things are comforting and familiar as well. But these days, particularly this week, it’s all about the “new.”

I’m sitting in my new house. That’s right, you heard correctly, we bought a house. It’s daunting to think about all the responsibilities that come with homeownership. What? we take care of our own yard, can jump up and down on the second floor, and have to remember to put the trash out on the correct day? Just a side note, I did jump up and down on the main floor our first night here. Such a delicious and satisfying act when you remember that you have no neighbors living below you anymore. The day we signed for the house, we went to the home improvement store and wandered the isles in a dreamy stupor. And walked out with paint samples. Then we realized that we don’t have enough furniture to fill this house. I don’t see that as a bad thing, but I realize I should address the issue, and soon, as my guests will probably want some place other than the floor to sit. Needy people, those guests. We discovered that tulips grow in the front yard. I found a lone daffodil in the backyard, cut it, and gleefully brought it inside to brighten the extremely disorganized kitchen. If you know anything about me, you know I’m in organizational hell right about now. But it is slowly getting better as Husband and I put things away and think about what we want and where we want it. Or find that we need to rethink it altogether.

We had a tremendous crew of helpers last Sunday moving us into the house – hats off to you ‘gents for all the heavy lifting! I mostly held the door open and pointed for things to go here or there. Cleaning the old apartment took up most of the evenings this week. I’m sick of fast food. Which is why I turned to this amazing recipe for dinner. Bonus: the Pinot Grigio ingredient and a wedge of brie that I picked up at the store this morning (way too early, in my opinion, to be up and running around town before noon on a Saturday, but the house needed things, and if there’s anything that I hate more than getting up early on a Saturday morning it’s shopping when the crowds are out. I might have also gone out to get more paint samples).

Also, garage door openers (and the garages that go with them) are the bomb.


Wedding Pictures

Wedding pictures have been on my “to-do” list for a while now. I have all of the official ones, of course, available to view here (photographed by the lovely and talented Allison Dawson – she also took our engagement pictures). But recently, I found never-before seen photos of our engagement party as well as the “crafting” day, and the wedding (thanks to Erin for graciously agreeing to shoot some pics with my camera during the wedding!).

Engagement Party Prep! Trying to set out some flowers before the party (a combined Minnesota Engagement Party and Thanksgiving Holiday week).

More engagement party fun

Floral arranging day! I loved the simplicity of using only white roses for the wedding. The ladies and I spent the morning before the wedding watching how-to videos while creating wedding flowers (that’s about the extent of my DIY crafting).

Putting together the wedding playlist. Literally, we spent the night before the wedding making a rockin’ playlist for the reception. It was a grand night.

Brittany, Maria, and Dress (which nearly ate them, as you can see).

Goin’ to the Chapel

Pre-ceremony pictures

Pre-ceremony pictures with Dad and rocking my awesome wedding shoes

The shoe swap. I wore black shoes for the wedding, but, being December 31st, I switched to a comfy pair of brown wedge boots (seen in photos) for travel between the ceremony and reception sites. Here, Maria is helping me change shoes (rather, Maria is changing shoes for me because I was prevented from bending over due to the large nature of the Dress).

Happy Saturday!

I started this blog with the intention of semi-frequent posts to document life and the first year of being married. Regular semi-frequent posts? Utter fail. Not to be discouraged! Summer went by in a quick whirlwind of travel, work, and good times and I’m heading into a no-so-hectic autumn (fingers crossed). September in the West still feels like summer – I woke up this morning to hear strange sounds outside the window and lo and behold, there was a hot air balloon drifting by the apartment in all its full glory, then another, and another! I could barely make them out through the trees as they headed over the lake outside, so no pictures. But what a cool thing to see on a lovely, lazy Saturday morning.

So! The summer in review…learning to wake board at Lucky Peak; hitting up Seattle with not only one but two Saga-friends and my sister-in-law; Oregon coast weekend; biking the Hiawatha Trail in northern Idaho; the lake; a week-long business trip to Guelph, Canada; and many more adventures. August was certainly a month for travel – photos to come soon!

Dear June

June has been a whirlwind month for me. Many of you know that my Big Work Event, the kind of thing that you spend 6 or more months planning, happens right in the middle. In fact, sometimes it happens right around my birthday, and I am not cool with that. I’m thankful that this year my Big Work Event took place a week after my birthday, which means I was able to take the day off and doing nothing on it but be lazy and spend it with the husband. My first birthday married to my best friend! Love.

This was followed by a fantastic Father’s Day weekend spend up in the mountains. Jared and I drove up to Cascade, Idaho, on Saturday night to his family’s vacation home, then met his dad, step-mom, and sister and her husband on Sunday to spend the day burning in the sun, er, fishing by the shores of Horsethief Reservoir. I caught the first fish of the day. Not going to lie, I’m a little proud of myself for that, even though it was only a baby-sized fish. Jared, not to be outdone, caught the biggest fish of the day. We flew back to Boise that night for dinner, and my crazy workweek began with more preparation and three days of a fabulous work conference where I made coffee, greeted speakers and musicians, organized volunteers, and ran around the office like a madwoman. Totally worth the experience and enjoyment that my fellow coworkers got out of it.

In case I had any ideas about relaxing over the weekend after the Big Work Event, I decided to fly to Seattle with my sister-in-law Julie to 1. attend the wedding of her highschool friend and 2. hang out with two of my New York friends, both of whom conveniently live near each other in Seattle. We had a cab adventure, got caught in the pouring rain, walked several blocks in 4-inch high heels, laughed a lot, and shared good memories. I’m going to include a plug for Erin – on Sunday, Julie, Liam, and I went to The Center for Wooden Boats on Lake Union, which offers free boat rides on Sundays. Thanks, Erin for sharing such a cool place with us!  Julie and I returned to Boise on Sunday night, and my boss, in his infinite wisdom, told me “stay home on Monday.” So I did. It turns out that it was the perfect opportunity to have our apartment accent wall painted that day, so I am the proud leaser of not one but two avocado-colored walls in my home. Love. Maybe it’s time to move the painting back onto the wall, though…

Dear June, you were lovely and stressfull, all at the same time. Pictures to follow 🙂

Starting out the day with a vanilla chai from Moxie. I love it when my coworkers bring me coffee in the morning (it shows how much they know about my addiction to coffee and all things chai). And check out the awesome mousepad that I get to use every day! Whenever I get homesick for lakes, it’s nice that I can bring some happiness to a Friday morning at the office.

I’m looking forward to going to see Prometheus in theatres tonight with the husband! (I get excited to see any movie that reminds me of Aliens.)

Have a happy weekend!

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